A present for you!

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A present for you!

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I like to raise the interest in attending. Therefore I donate some games (condition of the games: "like new"). The first 5 players who register as a forum user (for free) and declare their interest in a Grand Conquest or Conquest match could choose one game. When the match is finished the chosen game will be sent. The player has to pay the postage.

Chicago - Flying Turtle Games (Rules: English, German, French, Dutch)
Long Short - Hexagmes (Rules: English, German, French)
Shark - Flying Turtle Games (Rules: German, French, Dutch)
Pente - Parker (Rules: German)
Talisman - Schmidt Spiele (Rules: German)
Special Grand Conquest characters you could deeply need on www.conquest-forum.de :

π building
Δ catapult shot
Ω takeover of an enemy camel or ship
x capture/sinking of a ship
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