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Klepper1 (south) V's Klaus (North)

Posted: 25 Nov 2012, 09:30
by klepper1
Klepper1 (South) vs Klaus (North)

Hello Klaus. Here goes, remember i'm a novice so be kind to me :D

S133 - E131 =>1
S132 - E131 =>1
Ess131 - G705 =>2
Gess705- 701 =>1
B702 - 721 =>1
B707 - 711 =>1
S128 - D126 =>1
S118 - E116 =>1
S117 - E116 =>1

all the best, owen.

Re: Klepper1 (south) V's Klaus (North)

Posted: 25 Nov 2012, 20:52
by Klaus
Hello Owen!

I'm glad that you take part here! Grand Conquest is a challenging game that will give us pleasure. So it's not so important who will win. I'm sure. I will make faults, too...
Hint for the visitors: At the beginning (email) we agreed upon the additional rule D1 (see here).

S233 - E231 => 1
Es231 - 233 => 1
S227 - Es233 => 1
Ess233 - G804 => 1
B802 - 814 => 5
Gess804 - 867 => 8
B807 - 813 => 3

Best greetings!


Little hint: Owen, you can choose the option "Notify me when a reply is posted". So you will be informed about my turn...

Re: Klepper1 (south) V's Klaus (North)

Posted: 26 Nov 2012, 18:52
by klepper1
hello klaus. you are right, will give a lot of pleasure. However, pleasure and pain often occur at the same time and i suspect i'll end up with most of the pain and you will have most of the pleasure :D

I think i might regret this:

S π K133 => 10
S123 - D121 => 1
Ds121 - A20 => 5
Ds126 - A11 => 4

If i have made a mistake let me know and i'll try again!

all the best for now, owen.

Re: Klepper1 (south) V's Klaus (North)

Posted: 27 Nov 2012, 20:12
by Klaus
Good evening, Owen!

There is a mistake! I can hear your sob. :-)
But it's not your mistake. I suppose that you have bought the American vinyl board. This board differs from another edition in parts. I described the differences here and created the "common standard", so everybody could use "his" board but the buyers of the American vinyl board have to be aware that some pathes don't exist on the common standard board. It's truly a pity. Now you can hear me crying.

So your last move (Ds126 - A11 => 4) isn't possible on the standard board. You need 6 moving points to reach A11 on the "standard board". Sorry for this inconvenience.



Re: Klepper1 (south) V's Klaus (North)

Posted: 27 Nov 2012, 21:28
by klepper1
hello Klaus. Thanks for letting me know. I'll move to A12 instead, all the best, owen. (Ds126 - A12 => 4)

Re: Klepper1 (south) V's Klaus (North)

Posted: 28 Nov 2012, 20:04
by Klaus
Hello Owen,

which edition of Grand Conquest do you use? Is it this vinyl board or another edition?

My second turn:
B803 - 825 => 6
S228 - D226 => 1
S222 - D221 => 1
E230 - 231 => 1
S232 - E231 => 1
S π K232 => 10

All the best, Klaus :-)

Re: Klepper1 (south) V's Klaus (North)

Posted: 28 Nov 2012, 21:00
by klepper1
Hello klaus. i am using the vinyl board.i will have a think about what to do next and post tomorrow evening. i have a print out of your standard board for the differences in fields so hopefully should not make the same error again. all the best for now, owen.

Re: Klepper1 (south) V's Klaus (North)

Posted: 29 Nov 2012, 18:27
by klepper1
hello klaus. hope all is well with you. here's my next instalment. will be interesting to see what you do next, i think i know what you are up to ;)

N120 - A21 => 6
K133 - G704 => 1
S127 π C => 10
B721 - 722 => 1
B703 - 721 => 2

all the best for now, owen.

Re: Klepper1 (south) V's Klaus (North)

Posted: 30 Nov 2012, 21:52
by Klaus
Hello Owen,

I hope that you are not able to read my mind. But indeed it might be a good strategy to try it...

My third turn is following:

Gess 867 - 732 => 7
Ess732 x E130 => 5
Ess130 - 133 => 2
S133 x Gk704 => 1
I'm waiting for your possible recapture.

Kind regards


Re: Klepper1 (south) V's Klaus (North)

Posted: 01 Dec 2012, 08:23
by klepper1
hello klaus. that was not what i was thinking you were planning. brilliant move. i feel the pain already. i guess my recapture will only prolong this mini-slaughter so here goes:

can i recapture my captured galleon with: Gess 701 x Gs 704 ?

oh, i feel the pain :roll: all the best, owen.