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Online-Spielpartner für Grand Conquest gesucht
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General hints

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Here's the place where you could search for online fellow players. Open a new "request" topic here and mention
- how many matches you want to play at the same time,
- what kind of Grand Conquest you want to play (2-player game board/4-player game board) and
- how many fellow players you need.

If you want to play Grand Conquest on the 4-player-game board according to the partnership rules it's recommendable that you search for only one and not three additional gamers because otherwise you couldnt prevent arrangement between partners online. Arrangements would be contrary to the partnership rules.

I encourage to play friendly online games according to the time quota condition of the Conquest League Rules. So we are able to test this rule. Especially in this case it's important that all the participants choose the common time zone UTC (the time in London) in the option menue of this message board.

After having found fellow players you can open your own topic per match under the heading "Match for 2 Players" or "Match for 4 Players" ...
Don't forget to choose the option "Notify me when a reply is posted". So you will be informed about your opponent's next turn by email.

Irregular moves:
If a player's turn includes an irregular move and his opponent calls attention to this fault then the player will have to redo
his complete turn. But if the irregular move of a turn happens after a (possible) recapture the player will have to redo
only all the moves after this (possible) recapture.

It's necessary for the notification of your turns that you download the numbered 2-player standard game board here and the numbered 4-player game board here!

News: The Grand Conquest Tools for the 2-player and the 4-player game board are available now. Read this topic! If you start a new online game you could get these tools. Drop me a line in this case!
Special Grand Conquest characters you could deeply need on :

π building
Δ catapult shot
Ω takeover of an enemy camel or ship
x capture/sinking of a ship