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Online-Spielpartner für Conquest gesucht
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General hints

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Here's the place where you could search for online Conquest players. Open a new "request" topic here and mention
- how many matches you want to play at the same time,
- what kind of Conquest you want to play (2-player game board/4-player game board) and
- how many fellow players you need.

After having found fellow players you can open your own topic per match under the heading "Match for 2 Players" or "Match for 4 Players" ...
Don't forget to choose the option "Notify me when a reply is posted". So you will be informed about your opponent's next turn by email.

It's necessary for the notification of your turns that you download the numbered 2-player standard Conquest game board here and the numbered 4-player Conquest game board here!
Special Grand Conquest characters you could deeply need on :

π building
Δ catapult shot
Ω takeover of an enemy camel or ship
x capture/sinking of a ship
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