Request for online fellow players (Conquest, 2-player)

Online-Spielpartner für Conquest gesucht

Re: Request for online fellow players (Conquest, 2-player)

Postby tomsgamer17111 » 04 Oct 2020, 13:14

The more I think about it, the small 2x marker would make a lot of sense and would not take as many clicks and manipulations. Although it should remain pat of the stack so that the marker moves around when the elephant moves, I can specify an offset so that the marker appears on the side.

Another way of implementing it is by adding a layer to the soldiers so that you can toggle on and off a visualization that says "x2".

I have a project that just came in from Decision Games (called "Bleeding Kansas") that I need to start as soon as possible. I'd also like to see a game or two played with the Conquest module to get feedback on other things that might need to be adjusted. I have a friend or two I can enlist for that.

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