Luck variant for finding playing partner

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Luck variant for finding playing partner

Post by rockinboogie »

Hello everybody,

my girlfriend is mostly my playing partner. As a lot of women, she don't like strategical/tactical games a lot.
So we made a card variant.
With the testing of the variant, we decide after around 50 test games these card deck :

99 cards. Most of the cards show numbers 4 - 10. These are the points useable at the turn, instead the 20 in the rules.
And there are a few special cards :

Bonus : Draw another card, on your next turn you get +4 (so the max. points you can get is 14 ).
Storm: You get 2 points, your opponent have minus 4 on his turn.
Power marching : 6 points - soldiers can march 3 spaces this turn.
Strong backwind : 6 points - Catapult shoot 2 spaces this turn.
Reinforcement : 7 points or bring a Streitwagen/Chariot in the game.

You shuffle all cards and count 60. Every player get 2 hand cards. He play one on his turn and draw a new one from the deck.
So not all cards are in the game, which add a little variety.

Also there is an alternate ending of the game. It ends with the last card of the deck. In turn order every player have a last turn.

Winner is : The player which conquered the opponent castle. Bring one of his playing pieces in.
The player which kill all the opponents soldiers.

Do no player reach one of the goals in playing time, shake hands, it is a remis.

The cards add a little luck factor to Grand Conquest. But also with this variant, an experienced player will beat a
new player most of the time. But with the luck of the draw, a new player have a chance.

My girlfriend like this variant and i tested it with new players. Works great. It is no substitution for the original rules.
But it helps to find playing partners.

Kind regards
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Re: Luck variant for finding playing partner

Post by Klaus »

Hello rockinboogie,

you have found a nice solution to a real problem. Normally someone who don't know Conquest (or other strategical games) but wants to give it a try will lose these tryouts. And then unfortunately many beginners will lose interest in this game and want to play other games. It's a good way to meet everybody's requirements and strike a balance in case someone of the players is stronger than the other. Personal result: You could play with your girlfriend a lot of times. Congratulation and greetings to your girlfriend! Indeed I know it's not easy to find playing partners for a game like Conquest although it's such a great game. If you replay some of the matches you can find on this website you will notice how great the potential of this game is.

Welcome and kind regards

Special Grand Conquest characters you could deeply need on :

π building
Δ catapult shot
Ω takeover of an enemy camel or ship
x capture/sinking of a ship
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