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The Grand Conquest Tool is available

Posted: 09 Sep 2012, 10:41
by Klaus
I've accomplished the Grand Conquest Tool for the 2-player and the 4-player game board. It's a pdf-file with 105 and 249 layers and I used Photoshop Elements Version 7 to create this file. So the tool is usable with the software of Adobe (Photoshop or Photoshop Elements) but also with the freeware Gimp.
Photoshop users can download the pdf tool file here: 2-player board or 4-player board.
Gimp users can download the psd tool file here: 2-player board or 4-player board
In case you want to use Gimp download Gimp here.

All the pieces are movable on screen so you could reproduce the draws and get a quick visual idea of the actual Conquest position. (Note: Within Photoshop Elements choose the "move tool", within Gimp choose the option "tools", then "transform tools" and then "move" so you are able to move all the pieces.) In case you have to remove the game board intermediately you could print out the Conquest position for the new set-up. In addition the tool makes it much easier to play correspondence Conquest matches. The notation of the draws is needless now. You make your moves on screen and then you save the Conquest position not only as a pdf-file (including the layers) but also as a jpg-file. In the forum you can attach this jpg-image file to your text message which could consist of only one line, for example: 10/8 (meaning: turn 10/8 consumed moving points till a possible recapture), 11/19. (meaning: turn 11/19 consumed moving points till the finish of the turn; the point signifies the termination of the turn.).
Make a copy of the downloaded tool file so you could always go back to the initial point when you want to start a new match. If you want to use other photo software than Photoshop or Gimp you have to test the compatibility.

Short description of the tool:

Open the pdf-file of the Grand Conquest tool with Photoshop (Elements), then click on the "move tool" within Photoshop (Elements). The pieces of Grand Conquest are movable now. They are numbered so that it's easier in some cases to distinguish which pieces were moved when you compare positions.
If you want to use a piece as means of transport you could pile the pieces. Because soldiers would be invisible in this case you have to mark the piled pieces with a little "s" a soldier. If a ship is carrying two soldiers put a little "s" on the pile for the invisible soldier.
If you raise a drawbridge you will mark it with a red barrier. In addition each player gets individual markers (red triangles). If you commandeer an opponent's camel or a vessel that you disembark afterwards you will have to mark these commandeered pieces with your individual triangles. You will also sign a vessel or a siege engine by two different individual markers if your and your partner's soldier are sharing their own means of transport in the partnership play. So it's obvious that both partners could move the pieces. If you have captured an opponent's piece and a recapture is possible mark this space with the red "x".

Proposals for improvement are welcome!

Re: The Grand Conquest Tool is available

Posted: 28 Oct 2012, 21:58
by martimer
Sounds interesting. Where is the tool located (for downloading)?

Re: The Grand Conquest Tool is available

Posted: 29 Oct 2012, 17:05
by Klaus
Hi Martimer!

Everyone who makes a request for an online fellow player will receive an email with a link so you can download the tools. So place your request for a Grand Conquest match here or a request for a Conquest match here. Don't forget to mention which kind of match you want to play (2-player board, 4-player board, maybe according to the partnership rules) and drop me a line so I will send you the tool link. Currently the tools are available for Grand Conquest only.

I hope that you are not affected by the hurricane at the US east coast. Otherwise good luck!